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The Morning Measure: Degrees of density

Dec 8, 2010


It’s no secret that metro Washington is full of college degrees. In fact it has one of the highest concentrations of college and advanced degrees in the country. Over at Urbanophile there’s a really interesting post complete with graphs and charts comparing the cities and counties with the highest “density of degrees” as well as the growth in the density of degrees relative to population growth in general.

Three D.C.-area localities make the top of the list (the District Arlington and Alexandria) and the District has even seen the percentage of its population growth that is accounted for by people with college degrees leap ahead of its general growth rate.

This is all great news for the prospect of meeting the RF target of 45% or more of the region’s population having a Bachelor’s degree and 20% or more having an advanced degree by 2020. However it will be important to make sure that this growth in college degrees includes large parts of the local population not simply an importation of degree holders.

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