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How to Achieve Livable Walkable Communities and Maintain Uniqueness

Jan 10, 2011


In the National Capital Region we are fortunate to have so many livable walkable communities. Region Forward recognized livable walkable communities are in high demand and provides a number of targets intended to meet this demand as we grow over the next 40 years.

But how do we start replicating livable walkable communities today while also building on local assets that make places unique? We should start by looking at fundamental elements found in all livable walkable communities starting with our streets. Here at The Yardstick we noticed this excellent short film created by Streetfilms that features Donald Appleyard’s research on the social and psychological effects of streets and the neighborhood layout. We thought we’d share:

Revisiting Donald Appleyard’s Livable Streets from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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