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The Morning Measure: RF CliffsNotes for January and February

Feb 28, 2011


From debating the merits of skyscrapers to debating how to best allocate funds as austerity grips local state and federal leaders we’ve covered a lot of topics lately at The Yardstick and it’s been awhile since our previous post round-up so here are some of the highlights of topics covered in January and February:

Metro Washington continues to experience staggering population growth: See what the Census 2010 data reveals; As more and more people move into the region do we need a new model for housing based on smart growth principles?

Yes we’re growing as a region but are we growing together as a region? Is the Potomac effectively a moat between Maryland and Virginia?

A regional planner provides commentary from the 10th Annual New Partners in Smart Growth Conference in Charlotte North Carolina: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Speaking of smart growth the RF path to a sustainable future is summarized in a few short paragraphs and Maryland pushes for increased TOD

Funding for Metro one of the region’s most vital assets is in danger: Why Metro funding shouldn’t be a partisan issue; PlanItMetro discusses how Metro intends to help the region meet the goals and targets found in RF

What is the best way to make people and groups make more environmentally sustainable choices? Mandating? “Nudging?” Persuading? Or perhaps “shock” messaging is necessary…did you know that air pollution causes more heart attacks than cocaine?

Maryland has best schools in the nation. Across the Potomac Virginia’s public schools aren’t looking to shabby either. However the situation in the 68.3 square miles between the two that makes up D.C. couldn’t look more different. We need to change that.

Two housing planners took part in the annual homeless count of the region’s population read their accounts here and here and lastly as another governor rejects federal funding for high-speed rail is it really time to reconsider bullet trains in the U.S.?

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