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The Morning Measure: All-you-can read demography

Mar 28, 2011


As Census 2010 data is incrementally released and incrementally analyzed demography has been getting more than its usual share of attention over the past few months. Many of the trends that the data are highlighting are not surprising however in metro Washington or around the nation. The increasing concentration of America’s population and economic strength in its metro areas the spread of racial diversity from central cities to the suburbs and the growth of racial minorities overall are well-documented demographic developments.

For awhile now the majority of America’s population has lived and worked in the country’s metropolitan areas – a trend that is showing no signs of slowing. Last week The Washington Post published an article on the District’s changing demographics primarily focusing on the decline of the city’s black majority. This in turn sparked some discussion among the region’s elected officials and the general public about the impact of these changes. Next American City has a great map/summary of many demographic changes underway in the U.S. while The New York Times has an interactive mapping tool that allows users to hone in on population/racial shifts at the local level. In a recent video clip William Frey Senior Fellow at Brookings’ Metropolitan Policy Program discussed many of the demographic issues facing the country at the moment and in the near future.

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