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D.C. Report GGW Blog Post Highlight Region Forward

Aug 8, 2011


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a couple of notable references over the past few weeks to our work. Last week Region Forward was referenced in the release of a report by the District of Columbia Office of Planning and the Center for Neighborhood Technology which studied the combined costs of housing and transportation. It found that in many places where single family homes are affordable transportation costs are much higher which often costs people more money than living in the region’s closer-in jurisdictions where transportation costs are cheaper. During the release of the report officials mentioned Region Forward’s target for housing and transportation costs not to exceed 45 percent of area median income.

In addition Eric Hallstrom of Greater Greater Washington blogged about the Region Forward Coalition giving a good account of the group’s first meeting and overall mission. Hallstrom said he was “impressed by the initial focus on transit-oriented affordable housing. Too often large scale planning exercises like this pay only lip services to things like public safety education and affordable housing. I look forward to a process that ensures these priorities are factored into planning in a meaningful way.”

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