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Projects Discussed at April TPB Meeting Featured in News Stories

Apr 18, 2013

A WTOP story focused on the work of the Bus on Shoulder (BOS) Task Force, to review local and national experience with BOS and identify promising locations in the region to operate buses on the shoulders of highways. 

A WAMU story focused on a TPB scenario that integrates a regional network of toll lanes and bus rapid transit with more concentrated growth in mixed-use activity centers. The CLRP Aspirations Scenario is an alternative land use and transportation scenario for the future whose purpose is to take a comprehensive approach to long-range regional planning. It shows how major changes to current plans would affect regional travel (vehicle miles traveled, hours of delay) and the ways people move around (drive alone, carpooling, transit, commuter rail). To view the April 2013 TPB scenario presentation, click here.

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