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COG Announces New Award in Honor of Ron Kirby

Dec 11, 2013

At yesterday’s Council of Governments annual meeting, Loudoun County Chairman Scott York announced that COG was creating a new award in honor of Ron Kirby—the Ronald F. Kirby Award for Collaborative Leadership. Non-elected government officials will be eligible for this award, such as city and county managers and department directors. Winners will be judged on their commitment to working with other leaders and stakeholders to solve problems and make this region a better place.

“So much of what Ron accomplished—keeping the planning process on track, informing officials with accurate data, looking for new ways to address challenges, such as our Regional Transportation Priorities Plan—resulted from his commitment to collaborative leadership,” said York, who serves as Chairman of the Transportation Planning Board at COG. “His leadership style and dedication to regional cooperation advanced the notion of the Council of Governments as the forum where area decision-makers come together to solve problems. And it helped the Transportation Planning Board carve out its place as the impartial authority on transportation in the region.”

The award was not presented this year. Before next year’s meeting, COG will share more detailed information on the nominating process.

Kirby served as COG’s Director of Transportation Planning for 26 years and was a leading expert on transportation planning. His knowledge and counsel assisted local, state and national officials in reaching consensus on major transportation issues over the years.


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