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Commuter Connections Program Offers Cash Incentive for New Carpoolers on Soon-to-Open 95 Express Lanes

Dec 2, 2014

As the 95 Express Lanes open this month, providing faster, more predictable travel for ride-sharing motorists on I-95, Commuter Connections is offering an extra cash incentive for those who sign up for a new carpool or vanpool through the ‘Pool Rewards program.

Starting December 1, new carpools registered with ‘Pool Rewards that use the E-ZPass Flex on the new 95 Express Lanes will be eligible to receive $230 over a 90-day period—a bonus of $100 above the current program incentive. Carpools must include at least 3 occupants and be approved by the ‘Pool Rewards program.

‘Pool Rewards, an incentive program available through the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Commuter Connections program, encourages commuters to rideshare in the region by offering each carpool member cash, up to $130, for carpooling to work over a consecutive 90-day period.

Officials see the new lanes as a major opportunity to increase ridesharing in the region. All existing and new carpools of three or more occupants will be able to travel the 95 Express Lanes toll-free, by signing up for the E-ZPass Flex transponder.

“’Pool Rewards and the 95 Express Lanes offer incentives that encourage trusted ridesharing and will greatly improve mobility in the region,” said Nicholas Ramfos, Commuter Connections Director. “We hope that commuters will register to take advantage of these new, unprecedented incentives to share their ride and reduce costs, commute time, and congestion.”

‘Pool Rewards Members Have a Guaranteed Ride Home

All approved ‘Pool Rewards carpool and vanpool members can also sign up for Commuter Connections’ free Guaranteed Ride Home service, which ensures ridesharing travelers a free, guaranteed ride home in case of an unexpected emergency, personal or family illness, or unscheduled overtime.

Committed to the community for 40 years, Commuter Connections invites commuters in the region to join its free, secure programs to help reduce commuter stress, traffic congestion and improve air quality. Information on ride matching and travel options for commuters is available at

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