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Regional Commitment to Water Quality and Safety

Apr 6, 2016
The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has brought national attention to the problem of lead in drinking water. About 15 years ago, the metropolitan Washington region faced a similar crisis. In the early 2000’s, DC Water exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s threshold for lead levels under the Lead and Copper Rule. Although the District of Columbia and all regional drinking water utilities are in compliance with safe water regulations, the renewed concern and awareness has prompted utilities to review actions and communications.
The following is a compilation of resources available from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) to provide area officials and residents with additional information on the topic of water quality and safety, including the issue of lead in water.
COG Programs
Through several initiatives and programs, COG works with regional leaders to coordinate and support drinking water specific policy, communications, and research. For example, COG created TapIt – a water bottle refilling network of more than 750 partners connecting people to clean sustainable water on the go in the DC Region. Additionally, Protect Your Pipes – a partnership with COG and local water supply and wastewater members – educates citizens to preserve source water and water infrastructure. COG also coordinates water quality monitoring for water utility distribution systems and source water.
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