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Leaders Discuss Serving Homeless, Other Populations in Winter and Launch New Online Emergency Services Directory

Feb 5, 2016


With freezing temperatures and record snowfall, certain populations in metropolitan Washington, such as the area’s homeless, may be at risk this winter season. Today, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) and the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC) launched an online directory to serve over 300,000 people in need of emergency services across the region. The directory – an online database of approximately 400 service providers – offers clothing, meals, medical services, shelter, education, job training, and more.

Since 2004, COG has partnered with IFC to fund and distribute the printed Emergency Services Directory. After 35 years and 29 editions, the directory is now available online along with a mobile-friendly icon, providing greater accessibility to individuals in need and putting real-time information in the hands of service providers and case managers.

During the launch event for the online Emergency Services Directory, metropolitan Washington leaders – including George Leventhal, COG Human Services and Public Safety Policy Committee Member and Montgomery County Councilmember – discussed how the nonprofit, religious, and government sectors are working together to serve those in need, especially during the winter season.

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