Region Forward Coalition

The purpose of the new Regional Forward Coalition is to oversee the next steps recommended in Region Forward and advise the COG Board on future comprehensive regional planning and implementation activities. The Coalition’s primary responsibilities includes overseeing the Region Forward performance Baseline analysis and future regional progress reports; use Region Forward as a guide to update the Regional Activity Centers; and create clear strategies and initiatives to support the transformation of regional centers into Complete Communities. The Coalition will provide cross-cutting regional policy capacity and long-range regional planning recommendations to the COG Board. The Coalition includes members from public, private and nonprofit sectors which all have a role in helping the Region meet its goals. 

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    Region Forward Vision

    Jan 28, 2010

    Region Forward is COG's vision. It's a commitment by COG and its member governments, who together seek to create a more prosperous, accessible, livable, and sustainable metropolitan Washington. Region Forward includes goals, targets, and the Greater Washington 2050 Compact, a voluntary agreement to motivate area governments and stakeholders to advance the vision. For the latest information on the vision and its goals and targets, visit the Region Forward page