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Hyattsville joins COG as a new member

Dec 8, 2016

Assistant City Administrator Jim Chandler, City Administrator Tracey Nicholson, COG Members Services Coordinator Monica Beyrouti, Mayor Candace Hollingsworth, and COG Executive Director Chuck Bean

During the November COG Board of Directors Meeting, the City of Hyattsville was welcomed as a new adjunct member to COG. As an adjunct member, Hyattsville may vote on issues discussed at COG's general membership meetings and appoint official representatives to COG Board policy committees and technical committees. However, adjunct members are not entitled to appoint representatives to the COG Board of Directors.
“As a new member, we want to explore the immediate tangible benefits offered though bulk purchasing and procurement. We look forward to getting our ‘feet wet’ on the various committees to be able to contribute to the 2018 legislative agenda,” said Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth. “Through our involvement, we hope to cement Hyattsville as a key player and contributor to the region’s long-term vitality and success.” 

Through its membership with COG, Hyattsville is especially interested in working on regional issues such as transportation planning, land use, economic development, and affordable housing issues, said Hollingsworth.

Get to know Hyattsville

Hyattsville is a city in Prince George’s County, Maryland with a culturally diverse population of approximately 17,000 people. 

The city’s legislative body is comprised of the Mayor and a ten-member City Council with two representatives from each of the five wards in the city. They are each elected to four-year terms. When Mayor Hollingsworth was elected in May 2015, she became the first African American and the second woman to hold the office of Mayor in Hyattsville.

“Hyattsville is a thriving city with additional, substantial growth on the horizon. How integrated we are with what happens around us will determine our long-term success,” said Hollingsworth. “Our membership in COG will not only allow us an opportunity to regularly connect with our peers and colleagues on critical policy issues, but will allow us to contribute to the conversation about the issues important to the region to ensure that Hyattsville has a voice in the region’s strategic direction.”

hyattsville_street_photo credit: Dan Reed/Flickr
(Dan Reed/Flickr)

Some fun facts about Hyattsville

Hyattsville is: 

  • a State of Maryland Designated Sustainable Community.
  • the 5th most walkable community in the state. 
  • one of very few communities that enjoy two metro stations (West Hyattsville and Prince George’s Plaza). Both of which are COG designated activity centers.
  • in the Gateway Arts and Entertainment District, a business tax-credit area designated by the State of Maryland.
  • a Healthy Eating Active Living city endorsed by the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign.


Contact: Laura Ambrosio
Phone: (202)962-3278
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