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Metropolitan Washington's COG Turns 50

Apr 11, 2007

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments marked its 50th Anniversary today during its monthly COG Board meeting.  For the past half century, COG has encouraged local officials to look beyond their jurisdictions at the bigger, regional picture on issues like transportation, the environment, human services, public safety and homeland security. 

COG, through the support of its 50th Anniversary sponsors, has planned two major events for 2007.  On May 30, it will hold a forum on how issues like globalization and climate change will affect the future of the National Capital Region.  COG will also host a gala dinner on November 15 for current and past area elected officials, business executives and civic and non-profit leaders. 

“For the past half century, COG has served as the place where public, private and civic leaders meet and work together to improve the quality of life of residents in the National Capital Region,” said District of Columbia Council Member Carol Schwartz, a long-time member of COG and the Chair of its 50th Anniversary Committee.  “COG’s Anniversary is the perfect occasion for regional leaders to celebrate 50 years of cooperation and success, and to promote more of the same in the next 50 years.” 

COG was created on April 11, 1957 by 40 officials from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, who saw value in working together on metropolitan problems associated with the rapid growth of the region.  

Citizens know COG best for its quality of life programs.  Its air quality health alerts have been broadcast on local news reports since 1970.  For several decades, COG’s Commuter Club and Commuter Connections programs have helped area employers and commuters find better ways to work than driving alone.  Wednesday’s Child, a highly-popular program co-sponsored by COG, Freddie Mac Foundation and NBC4, has helped children with special needs find loving adoptive families for the last fifteen years.

COG’s 50th Anniversary Sponsors:

Regional Visionary (Top Level): Fannie Mae Foundation, Freddie Mac Foundation

Regional Champion: Chevy Chase Bank, Comcast, Verizon

Regional Partner: Capital One, ICMA-RC, Marriott, Medstar Health, Meyer Foundation, PEPCO

For more information on COG’s 50th Anniversary please visit:


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