DC: District of Cycling

May 18, 2011


In anticipation of Bike to Work Day this Friday May 20 we’re devoting this post to a discussion on the growth of bicycling in the District and the region.

From the astronomical success of Capital Bikeshare – which is now experiencing bike shortages in some places due to widespread popularity (the best problem it could wish to have) – to the massive increase in the number of cyclists the past few years have seen metro DC go from an afterthought in terms of biking to one of the country’s leaders in two-wheel travel.

The Dirt the blog of the American Society of Landscape Architects has a great piece up now on the evolution of planning how to turn D.C. into a bicycle city. The post is expansive covering everything from setting the city’s initial goals (50 miles of bike lanes) designing and putting in place infrastructure (said lanes and things like bike boxes) to integrating bicycling into the city’s transportation network and educating residents and commuters (bikers and drivers) about laws and safety regarding cycling.

And the popularity is spreading outside of the District’s boundaries. Arlington has been a partner in CaBi from the start while Alexandria College Park and others want to join Frederick is adding bike infrastructure and Bike to Work Day is expanding its pit stops in outer jurisdictions like Loudoun and Prince William Counties.

This annual one day event has created thousands of daily regular bicycle commuters over the past few years. Let’s build on this momentum. If you’re not already registered for BTWD do so now. If you are registered talk to your friends family and co-workers and get them on board. BTWD is for everyone – from the novice to the dedicated spandex wearer.

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