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Are you interested in joining the Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee?

Dec 12, 2014

A Guest Post by Current Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee Vice-Chair Glenna Tinney

I have served on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee (ACPAC) for four years. For the past year I have been the Vice Chair of the ACPAC. I originally submitted my application to be a member of the ACPAC because I am an environmentalist and have been my whole adult life. I am concerned about climate change and its effects on the planet and all living creatures and specifically the impact on the metropolitan Washington area where my grandchildren live and breathe. I do not work in the environmental industry. In fact I am a retired Navy Captain and a social worker who has held a number of leadership positions during my career but I also have a background in activism and advocacy. At the end of my life I want to know that I did everything I could to make a difference in this world and the ACPAC provides an opportunity to do just that.

I have learned a lot about air and climate issues for the Washington regional area. ACPAC has addressed a variety of issues over the past four years such as solar power green building tree canopy cover sustainability climate adaptation and mitigation transportation health impacts of climate change climate resiliency ozone attainment etc. This is not an all-inclusive list but it gives an example of the range of topics ACPAC considers.

In 2014 the ACPAC was instrumental in developing and piloting the Climate and Energy Leadership Awards Program to recognize public sector nongovernmental organizations and stakeholders that are implementing innovative solutions that address key climate and energy issues in the National Capital Region. The pilot was very successful and is being implemented in 2015.

ACPAC provides a meaningful opportunity to provide input to local elected officials on environmental policy issues share knowledge and expertise and learn and stay informed about local and regional progress. ACPAC promotes public involvement and provides independent citizen advice to the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee (MWAQC) and Climate Energy and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC): committees of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

ACPAC members represent diverse community interests and opinions. Members represent communities across the metropolitan Washington region and have various backgrounds including business/industry education/scientific environmental/health and civic organizations. These 18 members represent diverse viewpoints on regional air quality and climate change issues. For 2015 there are six ACPAC openings (one in DC three in MD and two in VA).

ACPAC meets monthly at the COG offices at 777 North Capitol Street NE in Washington DC 1.5 blocks from the Union Station Metro Red Line. Underground parking is also available.

If you want to ensure that your legacy is one of engagement to make a difference I encourage you to get involved by applying for the ACPAC. Please fill out the 2015 ACPAC Interest Form (online) by Friday January 9 2015. Additional details can be found online here or by contacting Maia Davis at or 202-962-3227.

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