Urban Forestry

COG’s Urban Forestry Program seeks to enhance and preserve forestry resources in the region through projects and workshops in cooperation with federal, state, and local forestry program partners. The program has two ad-hoc committees that examine regional forestry issues: 1) the Community Forestry Network (CFN) Committee, which primarily serves the local professional population on timely issues in forestry, urban forestry, green infrastructure, and planning; and 2) the Urban Tree Canopy Workgroup is working under the Climate, Energy, and Environment Policy Committee to develop guidance to protect and enhance our current forest and urban forest canopy in the region.

Other work conducted under the urban forestry program includes ongoing reforestation projects in the Anacostia watershed under the Anacostia Restoration Program as well as other regional reforestation efforts, a Regional Tree Canopy and Land Cover Assessment via satellite imagery and analysis, and an ongoing Urban Timber Recovery, Reuse, and Sawmilling Project.


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    COG Hosts Foresters for Forum on Lyme Disease

    June 9, 2015

    The great outdoors serves as the office for our region’s foresters, farmers, horticultural, and landscape professionals, and tick-borne diseases like Lyme pose...

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    Maryland Passes Landmark Forest Legislation

    April 16, 2013

    Steven Koehn Director/State Forester at Maryland DNR Forest Service Co-Chair American Forest Foundation (AFF) Woodlands Operating Committee and member AFF...

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    COG, Area Urban Foresters Contribute to USDA's New People's Garden Project

    April 22, 2009

    COG, U.S. Forest Service, and region's urban foresters have been working together to make use of urban wood from local trees felled by storms and routine...

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    Putting Discarded Wood to Good Use

    June 28, 2006

    At a recent COG workshop, participants shared ideas on how to put discarded raw timber from the region's urban forests to better use.

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    New Programs Help Clean Region's Air

    May 25, 2005

    Members of the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee are sharing innovative local programs as part of an effort to help clean the region’s air.

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