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COG’s officials believe that long-term commitment to capital investment and maintenance of infrastructure is vital to achieving the Region Forward Vision for a more prosperous, accessible, livable, and sustainable future. In 2014, the COG Board held a series on regional infrastructure focused on its main areas of expertise, such as transportation, water, energy, and public safety communications.

Following the series, COG's 2015 State of the Region: Infrastructure Report conservatively estimated a $58 billion funding gap between the region’s resources and what is needed to develop infrastructure assets to insure they will serve the region through much of this century.The report found that transportation systems will be the most expensive to improve. The study estimated upgrading area roads and bridges, transit systems, and airports will cost about $24.5 billion over the next 10 to 15 years.  Upgrading old water and sewer mains and new state-of-the art stormwater management systems are likely to carry a $20 billion price tag.  Private utilities expect to spend $5 billion over five years to modernize the grids and pipelines that deliver energy to our homes and communities.  And the cost of maintaining public buildings is expected to cost another $9.5 billion. In addition to identifying funding gaps, the report also outlined policy, advocacy, and outreach actions.

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