Health Care Coalition


The Health Care Coalition was a culmination of efforts from several COG member-jurisdictions.  This partnership began when local governments and school systems in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area began to feel the "health care insurance pinch" most dramatically in 1987.  In that year, premiums to provide health care insurance to municipal rose as much as seventy percent.  Through the establishment of a regional health care coalition, participants tremendous savings.

In 1990, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Board authorized COG to sponsor a health care benefit program. The Coalition was marketed in 1991 and implemented in 1992 with six original members. 


The Coalition is comprised of local governments and public school systems.  The Coalition medical plan covers employees and retirees of the participating jurisdictions.  Currently, there are three groups participating in the plan.

  • International City/County Management Association
  • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
  • National Association of Regional Councils


To purchase and manage the provision of health benefits for jurisdictions/organizations associated with the Council of Governments.  The Coalition operates under a Multiple Employer Welfare Agreement (MEWA).  All members offer standard health insurance plan designs for all groups under one fully insured rate with a total replacement for all medical options.

The Coalition members are involved in the following:

  • Take an active role in plan design and rate negotiations
  • Collectively purchase consulting services
  • Sponsor wellness programs and activities
  • Distribute educational materials to employees

View these slides to learn more about the coalition.