Clean Air Partners

Clean Air Partners

Clean Air Partners is a nonprofit partnership chartered by COG and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, which strives to improve public health and the environment by working with businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout the region to raise awareness and reduce air pollution through voluntary actions. 

The partnership has member organizations from across the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region, including representatives from private sector, advocacy, and government organizations. Nearly 5,000 Clean Air Partner participants have committed to take simple actions to reduce their impact on the environment and exposure to air pollution during unhealthy air quality days. 

Clean Air Partners is dedicated to empowering the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region with the tools to make meaningful improvements in our region’s air quality and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Actions we can all take in our daily lives and continued over the long-term will make a big difference.

Clean Air Partners provides residents with an Air Quality App that distributes real-time regional air quality information, daily air quality forecasts, and unhealthy air quality alerts. The free App is available for download at iTunes and at Google Play for Android users. Additional tools include the Air Quality Action Guide, widget, and education curriculum.

Educating children is also an important part of the Clean Air Partner’s program. Clean Air Partners distributes an air quality curriculum to regional schools as education tools for children to learn about the effect air quality has on the planet as well as their overall health.

To be successful, Clean Air Partners needs the active participation of an informed community. There are many opportunities for individuals and organizations to make a difference; become a sponsor, start a work-place program, and take voluntary actions to reduce pollution and protect health.

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