Drinking Water & Drought Monitoring

The majority of metropolitan Washington’s drinking water comes from the free-flowing Potomac River where there is an active partnership focused on protecting the region’s water supply. COG serves as a forum for communication and coordination among local and state governments, water supply utilities, the media, and general public in the event of serious droughts or other water supply emergencies. COG provides comprehensive and up-to-date information to enable the region to respond to potential and actual water supply and drought conditions as well as water security issues. COG’s Drought Coordination Committee addresses water supply and drought management issues. The Metropolitan Washington Water Supply and Drought Awareness Response Plan and the regional Water Supply Emergency Plan, developed by COG and its members, serve as major resources to support this work.

COG integrates efforts with regional homeland security issues, via the regional Water Security Work Group, given the linkages between drinking water and source water protection security issues and drought issues. COG also coordinates and manages regional water security activities in areas such as modeling, monitoring, redundancy and resiliency, operational planning, identification of best practices, facility hardening, mutual aid, and training and exercises. COG works with its members to assess risks, threats, and vulnerabilities of the region’s drinking source water, drinking water distribution systems, and wastewater collection and treatment systems.

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  • Frozen_Potomac

    Utilities offer tips for preventing frozen pipes and meters

    January 2, 2018

    During this period of extreme cold, area water utilities have been reaching out through traditional and social media to help homeowners prevent frozen pipes and...

  • News

    COG, regional water utilities to 'Imagine a Day without Water' on Oct. 12

    October 5, 2017

    COG and its water utility partners on the Community Engagement Campaign (CEC) will join the water community in a nationwide invitation to “Imagine a Day without...

  • tom_grizzard_web

    Thomas J. Grizzard Jr. remembered for his work on regional water quality

    July 10, 2017

    Thomas J. Grizzard, Jr., professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech and former director of the Occoquan Watershed Monitoring...

  • Anacostia_Chesapeake_Bay_Program_Flickr_Crop

    Get 'Back to the Bay' during Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week

    June 5, 2017

    Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania have designated June 3-11 as Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week to recognize the efforts of the many partners working to improve...

  • News

    Regional Commitment to Water Quality and Safety

    April 6, 2016

    The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has brought national attention to the problem of lead in drinking water. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments...

  • News

    While Dry Conditions Persist, Regional Water Supplies Remain at Normal Levels

    September 18, 2015

    Dry conditions persist throughout metropolitan Washington, but the region’s water supply levels and drought stage are normal according to the Metropolitan...

  • News

    National Capital Region to Celebrate Drinking Water Week

    April 30, 2015

    National Drinking Water Week (May 3 – 9, 2015) is an occasion for utilities to be seen and to celebrate the importance and quality of drinking water services in...

  • News

    COG Report Details Regional Infrastructure Needs

    January 15, 2015

    2015 State of the Region: Infrastructure Report covers transportation, water, energy, public buildings, and public safety communications systems. Throughout...

  • West_Virginia_Emergency_Operations_Center

    The Worth of Water

    January 13, 2015

    Shortly after the MCHM spill in the Elk River just outside Charleston, West Virginia, COG sent water quality specialists to the site to observe the response...

  • InfraCoverRF-507x315

    2014 COG Series Provides In-Depth Look at Region's Infrastructure

    December 30, 2014

    In 2014 the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments identified regional infrastructure as its focus and held a series on...

Results: 24 found.