Homeland Security & Public Safety

Committee & Workgroup Structure

A wide network of officials and experts work across agencies, borders, and subject areas to support homeland security planning and ensure coordination and communication during emergencies in metropolitan Washington. Officials have created a governance structure to coordinate this homeland security work. 

In addition, regional subject matter experts provide guidance to leaders through the Regional Emergency Support Functions (RESF), Regional Programmatic Working Groups (RPWG), and Emergency Response System (ERS). Many of these committees are tailored towards individual functions such as transportation, emergency management, public safety and security, and fire and emergency medical services. However, with the complex nature of the region, many of these entities provide a sub-regional perspective – such as the ERS programs for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, or they focus on issues that cross multiple disciplines such as critical infrastructure or training and exercises. COG provides staff support to these working groups and committees.