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Proposed Amendment to the 2016 Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP)

The Transportation Planning Board (TPB) approved the 2016 Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP) Amendment on November 16, 2016. The next scheduled update of the CLRP will occur in 2018. Since there is no scheduled update of the CLRP planned to occur before 2018, and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Maryland Departent of Transportation (MDOT) have projects that have progressed to a point where a CLRP update is needed in 2017, VDOT and MDOT have requested an amendment to the 2016 CLRP for three projects. The proposed changes are relatively minor, but will affect the Air Quality Conformity Analysis, and will therefore require a new demonstration of air quality conformity before they can be incorporated into the CLRP. This “off-cycle” conformity analysis is being requested so that the projects can remain on schedule. 

VDOT is proposing to construct an off-ramp from the northbound I-95 HOT lanes to serve the area near the Marine Corps Base Quantico in Prince William County. The new ramp would provide direct access from the northbound HOT lanes to Russell Road. More information can be found on this project on the CLRP project description form.

VDOT is also proposing modifications to the I-66 outside the Beltway HOT lanes project in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties to reflect changes to the “preferred alternative” which was included in the 2016 CLRP. These proposed changes would modify the locations of various access points between the HOT lanes and general purpose lanes, as well as some other roadways. More information can be found on this project on the CLRP project description form.

Maryland has recently approved funding to advance construction of the Governor Harry W. Nice Bridge Improvement Project. The Governor Harry W. Nice Bridge connects Charles County, Maryland to King George County, Virginia over the Potomac River, and this project will replace the existing 2-lane structure with a new 4-lane structure. This project is already included in the current 2016 CLRP. However, MDOT is proposing modifications to the construction timeline to reflect an earlier completion date of 2023 instead of 2030. More information can be found on this project on the CLRP project description form.

This comment period will conclude at 11:59 P.M. on Saturday, April 8.

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