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Past COG Board Chairmen

Council of Governments Board of Directors Chairmen
Year(s) Chairman Jurisdiction
1957–61 Robert F. McLaughlin District of Columbia
1962 Charles R. Fenwick Virginia General Assembly
1962 Brig. Gen. F. J. Clarke District of Columbia
1963 Anne A. Wilkins Fairfax County
1964 Roye L. Lowry Arlington County
1965 Brig. Gen. C. M. Duke District of Columbia
1966–67 Achilles M. Tuchtan Rockville
1968 Frederick A. Babson Fairfax County
1969 Francis B. Francois, Jr. Prince George's County
1970 Joseph L. Fisher Arlington County
1971 Gilbert Hahn, Jr. District of Columbia
1972–73 Martha V. Pennino Fairfax County
1974–75 Sterling Tucker District of Columbia
1976 Francis B. Francois, Jr. Prince George's County
1977 Harold L. Miller Falls Church
1978–79 Arrington L. Dixon District of Columbia
1980–81 Elizabeth L. Scull Montgomery County
1981–83 Carl F. Hendrickson Loudoun County
1984–85 H.R. Crawford District of Columbia
1986–87 Gil Weidenfeld Greenbelt
1988–89 Ellen M. Bozman Arlington County
1990 Betty Ann Kane District of Columbia
1991 James E. Nathanson District of Columbia
1992–93 Hilda Pemberton Prince George's County
1994 Patricia S. Ticer Alexandria
1995 Jack Evans District of Columbia
1996 William E. Hanna, Jr. Montgomery County
1997 Robert B. Dix, Jr. Fairfax County
1998 Charlene Drew Jarvis District of Columbia
1999 M.H. Jim Estepp Prince George's County
2000 Gerald E. Connolly Fairfax County
2001 Carol Schwartz District of Columbia
2002 Bruce R. Williams Takoma Park
2003 Mary K. Hill Prince William County
2004 Phil Mendelson District of Columbia
2005 Judith F. Davis Greenbelt
2006 Jay Fisette Arlington County
2007 Vincent C. Gray District of Columbia
2008 Michael Knapp Montgomery County
2009 Penny Gross Fairfax County
2010 Kwame Brown District of Columbia
2011 Andrea Harrison Prince George's County
2012 Frank Principi Prince William County
2013 Karen Young City of Frederick
2014  Phil Mendelson District of Columbia
2015 William Euille City of Alexandria
2016  Roger Berliner Montgomery County
2017 Kenyan McDuffie District of Columbia
2018 Matthew Letourneau Loudoun County