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There are many ways for citizens to become better informed and more involved, although it is often most effective to get involved early in the decision-making process. Follow local government issues in the media and search the internet for information about projects and plans. Have your name placed on e-mail lists to receive newsletters or regular updates. For COG news and meeting materials, visit COG’s Subscriptions page.

Public involvement is a key part of the transportation decision-making processes in every jurisdiction throughout the region, and there are many different ways that citizens can have an influence. The Transportation Planning Board’s Transportation Planning Information Hub explains the different planning processes that are happening every day at the state, local, and regional levels, and the unique role that the TPB plays in pulling it all together. It also includes contact information for all of the jurisdictions within the region involved in transportation planning, key documents, and links to public involvement opportunities.

The COG Regional Directory lists the phone numbers and email addresses of elected officials and department directors from COG’s member governments. Members of the public can use the directory to contact local governments and officials to ask for information about projects in their communities.

In addition to these opportunities at COG, there are a variety of other ways to get involved in shaping a stronger region.

  • Volunteer to serve. For example, you can participate in an ad hoc advisory group for a local transportation study.
  • Contact local and state government agencies to ask for information about projects in which you are interested. Find out how citizens are involved in these projects.
  • Get out there. Attend public meetings on projects or plans and talk with decision makers.
  • Work with your neighbors. Contact your neighborhood or civic association to see if their members are interested in a particular issue and if they plan to take any action.
  • Join a group. Join an organized group that is promoting a specific project or is advocating broad policy changes in your community or across the region.