Alexander is a very sweet, polite and bright 11 year old.  He is in the 4th grade in school where he earns good grades and is a very hard working student.  His favorite subjects are science, art and reading.   He interacts well with other children his age and enjoys having friends.

Alexander has an incredible imagination and aspires to create comic books, build robots and work with computer graphics.  With his imagination and creativity, he should be very successful at all of those ambitions.  Alexander likes being active and enjoys riding his bike, hiking and exploring the outdoors.  Like most boys his age, he also enjoys playing video games and watching movies, especially ones with super heroes.  When going outside is not possible, he likes drawing and other creative activities.

Alexander loves animals, particularly dogs, and would adapt easily to a family that is active and would allow him to have a pet.  Alexander is very good about doing chores such as making his bed and cleaning his room and will help with other tasks around the house, too.  Alexander very much wants to be adopted and to have a family that will give him the love and stability that he needs.

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Name Alexander
Birth Year 2004
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin  


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