Although she is considered non-verbal, Allyson is one of the most communicative people you will ever encounter. With the help of her expressions, gestures and trusty adapted iPad, Allyson is able to talk your ear off! Barbara Harrison saw this first hand when she paid a special visit to Allyson’s school for her Wednesday’s Child segment taping.

Although initially, one may notice her physical challenges, Allyson’s joy and playful spirit come shining through and leave a lasting impression on all who know her. Despite being new to her specialized school, Allyson is quite popular with all of the students, teachers, and staff. Because of her vibrant personality, we imagine she will do well in her new school too.

In addition to loving school, Allyson enjoys music, especially boy bands. She also likes to take photos on her iPad, and, as you can see, isn’t shy about posing for pictures either.

To spend any time with Allyson is to learn about her siblings. She visits with them regularly and has many photos of them. It is through her talks about her siblings, that she expresses her longing for a family of her own.

Those who know her best feel that Allyson would thrive in a family with other children and pets. She will do well in a home that has the ability to care for a child with special needs; Allyson has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Her strong team of social workers, therapists and educators are sure to help Allyson transition well to her permanent home.

Video from NBC4

Name Allyson
Birth Year 1998
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Female
State of Origin MD


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