Brianna, or Bree as she prefers to be called, is a bright, outgoing and joyful young lady.  Others who know her describe her as kind, playful and “a joy to be around.”  She is in the 10th grade in school where she is doing well despite being somewhat behind in her academics.

Bree enjoys doing most of the things that teens her age enjoy such as shopping at the mall, having her hair and nails done, eating out and going to the movies.  Bree loves being active, including activities such as skating, bowling, go-carts and dancing.  Her favorite snacks are bananas and vanilla ice cream.

Bree responds well to praise and a calm environment.  She is very enthusiastic about being adopted and hopes to find a family that is active.  The perfect adoptive family for Bree will have a calm approach, be able to set boundaries in a firm but loving way and will be empathetic.

Video from NBC4

Name Brianna
Birth Year 1999
Race African American
Status active
Gender Female
State of Origin  


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