To look into Dajour’s eyes is to journey through his life, through his feelings of sadness and pain…. to his longing for a family who would love and cherish him. Yet, in the light of his eyes is the spirit of hope for the future.

Dajour has experienced more than his fair share of losses. Currently, DaJour attends a special education school, which is able to provide him with structure and emotional support as well as meet his educational needs. Those who know Dajour best, know that his true healing will occur when a loving, gentle and nurturing family arrives in his life and commits to consistently support him through thick and thin.

A typical boy, Dajour loves to play all types of games, especially basketball. He has a healthy appetite for all kinds of treats. Milkshakes, hamburgers, and potato chips are some of his favorite foods. Dajour was first featured on Wednesday’s Child in 2011. He was a devout fan of President Barack Obama at that time, so Dajour and Barbara Harrison attended the White House Easter Egg Roll hoping Dajour could catch a quick peak of the President. He is still a huge Obama fan, and continues to hope he’ll meet his idol one day.

We are looking for a family that is open to helping, healing, and parenting Dajour. He is a sweet little boy who wears his heart on his shelve -- hoping for a family to help him have a brighter future.

Video from NBC4

Name Dajour
Birth Year 2003
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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