Twelve-year-old DaShawn is a very bright student. He especially likes math and science. DaShawn has great spatial abilities and is good at origami, K'Nex, and Legos.

DaShawn states that he wants to be a spy when he grows up because they use karate and they have "cool gadgets." He enjoys going to karate lessons. DaShawn prides himself especially on doing well at school. He gets along well with his teachers and classmates. DaShawn also likes to play board games, play outside, sing, and dance.

DaShawn loves to laugh and tell funny jokes. He would truly benefit from being adopted by a family who he can share his positive energy with. The ideal family for DaShawn would be a family who has unending love and will support him on his journey as he becomes a young man who will do great things in his future.

Video from NBC4

Name DaShawn
Birth Year 2004
Race Biracial
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin VA


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