It only takes one meeting with Donald to know that he has the energy of a whirlwind. He loves to be in any type of motion including: walking, playing ball, and rough-housing with big dogs.

Donald has a natural curiosity which reaches its peak during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. He loves to peek at decorations as they go up and shake presents to determine what is in them. However, beneath the surface, Donald is a child who has experienced significant losses, which continue to affect him, just as they would any child in foster care.

Currently, Donald attends a specialized school, which provides him with structure and emotional support as well as meeting his educational needs. Those who know Donald best feel that he would thrive in a 2 parent family with adult children, who would be able to provide time, attention, and consistency.

According to Donald, the ideal adoptive family would also have big dogs that love to rough-house and play with him. Due to the level of consistent care and structure needed, Donald would be making a slow transition to his new family, which would include the family’s ability to work closely with his clinical team.

Donald loves to earn special privileges and treats. His favorite activity is going out for ice cream -- especially chocolate milkshakes. Donald beamed from ear to ear during his Wednesday's Child taping as Barbara Harrison invited him to visit the Z Burger Food Truck where he learned how to make milkshakes and enjoyed as many as his stomach could handle! Donald is hoping for more special days like this with his forever family.

Video from NBC4

Name Donald
Birth Year 2004
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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