Eric R.


Eric is an active 15 year old that loves science and math. He is in the 10th grade in school and hopes to play on the school’s basketball team next year. He aspires to be a technical engineer one day.   

Like most boys his age, he enjoys playing video games and enjoying the outdoors with his friends. He also enjoys playing football and basketball and watching his favorite teams on television.

Barbara Harrison and Eric visited the Xfinity Store where Eric tried out all of the new technical television gadgets, such as a remote control that can tape your favorite sports teams and shows quite easily.  A perfect tool for a sports loving person like Eric!  Brad, regional manager of Xfinity, presented Eric with a brand new laptop computer, which was a huge surprise that Eric was very grateful to receive.

Eric came into foster care when he was five years old.  He would like to be adopted by a family that is active and would encourage him to be successful in school.  Eric needs a family that is highly structured, has realistic expectations and will remain committed to him throughout his adjustment to their home.  A family’s unconditional love and patience are needed to ensure that he feels secure in his adoptive placement.

Video from NBC4

Name Eric R.
Birth Year 2000
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin VA


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