Barbara Harrison and Jerimyah shared many hugs the morning she met him at his group home to tape Wednesday’s Child. This sweet 12 year old is on the autism spectrum and is visually–impaired, but social workers say he has some language and is able to communicate pretty well with his caretakers.

Jerimyah loves to attend his school, a school especially for blind children. and gets along very well with the teachers. He especially enjoys playing in the water and with toys that make sound. He even rides a tricycle during gym class.

What sets Jerimyah apart from the other students is his situation being in foster care with the uncertainty of not having a permanent home. Social workers are seeking a loving home. The family for Jerimyah just has to have a willingness to learn how to care for a child with autism and visual impairment – the ideal family must love hugs as much as Jerimyah enjoys giving them.

Video from NBC4

Name Jerimyah
Birth Year 2002
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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