Mary, who goes by Lizzie, is a smart 12-year-old with a very vivid imagination. She is a sweet and lovable child with a smile that lights up a room. Lizzie’s favorite class is art. She enjoys drawing and crafting and says that she would like to be an artist or nurse when she grows up. Academically, Lizzie does well in school and is a strong reader. She enjoys reading short books and has a small collection of books in her room. 

When it’s warm out, Lizzie loves any opportunity to swim at the beach or pool followed by one of her favorite treats, ice cream. When at home, Lizzie enjoys playing video games, watching cartoons and being silly. Lizzie always enjoys good jokes and will laugh for hours when she gets a hold of a joke book. She also enjoys her days of relaxing at home. 

Lizzie would do best in a home where she is either the only child or the youngest child. Patience and consistency are important traits for her future adoptive parent(s). Social workers are looking for a licensed family.

Video from NBC4

Name Mary “Lizzie”
Birth Year 2004
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Female
State of Origin MD


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