Rodney aims to please! The adults in Rodney's life say he is the kind of child who bares his heart, and tries his best to be accepted.

Rodney is also a huge sport enthusiast. He especially likes baseball. Rodney plays on a local team in his community, and loves to watch games on TV and holler and root for the hometown Washington team!

Like any good ball player, Rodney possesses razor sharp focus. His sharp focus and perspective coupled with an excellent memory has helped Rodney’s game play, but has also made "matters of the heart" difficult for him to bear.

Rodney is pretty let down when promises made to him are missed, and struggles with change. This is why Rodney needs a forever family that will not over-promise and under-deliver.

Social workers are seeking a family that will be encouraging. In return, the family will receive Rodney-- a wonderful loving young man who enjoys sports, cooking, sketching, and being helpful around the house -- a definite keeper, and an incredibly sweet young man!

Video from NBC4

Name Rodney
Birth Year 1996
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin VA


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