For Terrance, there is no place he enjoys more than being at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, where he attends service every Sunday.

Although Terrance is non-verbal, it is clear that he is quite comfortable at church, and loves being surrounded by the music of the choir. NBC 4 anchor Barbara Harrison joined Terrance at his church for his Wednesday’s Child taping, and saw just how much this sweet boy was cherished by his faith based community.

Terrance has severe special needs- he is prone to seizures, wheel chair bound, and requires a hearing aid. Despite these challenges, social workers are hoping to find Terrance a forever home with an adoptive family that is able to take care of his needs. The love and acceptance that Terrance feels at church are extremely important in every child’s life, and with the right family, Terrance could experience this care and commitment daily.

Name Terrance
Birth Year 2008
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin DC

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