Tyler is not only an excellent athlete, but a caring and friendly young man. At his Wednesday’s Child taping with Barbara Harrison at Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights, he got to show off both his skills in basketball, and his warm and generous personality.

Throughout his ten years in foster care, Tyler has used sports as a positive outlet to channel his energy into. He has had some difficult experiences in life, but Tyler has learned that with the right attitude, he can overcome anything. Sports are not the only activity Tyler pours his heart into- he also cares deeply about giving back to his community. He regularly volunteers with Meals on Wheels, and is a great role model for the other youth in his group foster home. Tyler said, “I’m often the tallest kid in the house, but I let the other kids win when we play basketball.” In both daily life and his activities, Tyler is an outstanding teammate, always willing to be a source of advice for others, and willing to share his kind heart.

Tyler has worked hard to make the best out of his situation, but he still dreams of a loving, forever home. Social workers are looking for a family or single parent ready to give Tyler a permanent home, with the understanding that he may always need to live with them, rather than independently due to his special needs. We are seeking parents who can provide love and support to Tyler that he has learned to give so easily to others.

Video from NBC4

Name Tyler
Birth Year 1998
Race Multi
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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