Zavier loves school! He has five other classmates and five teachers in his classroom so he receives lots of individual attention and support.

Due to his autism diagnosis, Zavier has some learning and language challenges. Before we arrived for the Wednesday's Child taping, we were told that Zavier does not speak easily, and is mainly non-verbal. However, during our recent visit to feature Zavier on Wednesday's Child, we were pleasantly surprised by his language skills!

After some initial prodding, Zavier said "hello," and "goodbye." He was also able to follow along to several lessons using his teacher's smart board. It was remarkable how easily Zavier moved around his i-pad, choosing his favorite educational games to play. It was evident to all that Zavier has made a lot of progress in the classroom; social workers feel that Zavier is quite capable of continuing to grow as a student and a person. He is so special that the therapists, teachers, and social workers who know Zavier well feel the right family will bring out the best in him.

Social workers is seeking a two-parent adoptive home for Zavier -- one with an understanding of autism, or willingness to learn. They are hoping for a family that has some experience fostering or adopting children from the system.

Video from NBC4

Name Zavier
Birth Year 2005
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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