Ground Access Travel Time Study & Forecasts

Travel Time Study

The purpose of the airport ground access travel time study is to analyze travel time and changes in peak-period delay and level of service on principal airport-serving roadways from selected activity centers to the three commercial airports as well as changes in airport accessibility due to highway and transit improvements. Ground Access Travel Time studies were conducted in 1989, 1995, 2003, and 2011.

Ground Access Forecasts

The forecast presents detailed average weekday local originating air passenger ground access trips from 160 local area Aviation Analysis Zones (AAZ) to each of the region's three commercial airports. The forecasts are further broken out by major ground access mode for each local AAZ to airport origin-destination pair. These ground access forecasts are used as inputs for the triennial update of the TPB's Constrained Long Range Plan and as the basis for revising the Ground Access Element of the CASP Regional Airport System Plan.