Regional Mobility & Accessibility Study

The Regional Mobility and Accessibility Study (RMAS) grew out of the dissatisfaction expressed by members of the TPB in voting to approve a fiscally Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP) that showed congestion on the region's highway and transit networks continuing to worsen over the next 25 years. The desire of the TPB in authorizing this study was to examine additional transportation improvements beyond those that currently could be included in the region's long-range transportation plan, together with potential changes in future land use.

The concept underlying the Regional Mobility and Accessibility Study is that creative new options for improving the performance of the region's transportation system may emerge from the examination of additional transportation improvements together with potential future changes in land use. If stakeholders in the regional transportation planning process reach a consensus on these options, the region could move forward in pursuing additional funding to implement the most promising of these transportation improvements and making the necessary changes in local land use plans.

Key Documents