What Would It Take Scenario Study

In 2010, the TPB completed a scenario study examining the role of regional transportation in climate change mitigation in the region, called the "What Would it Take?" scenario. The scenario is a goal-oriented study that specifically asks and tries to answer the question of what it would take in the region to meet aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals in transportation. The study includes the analysis of over 50 strategies from national level CAFE standards and alternative fuel mandates to regional and local level bicycle plans and congestion reduction strategies to determine their potential to reduce emissions and contribute to the environmental resilience of this region.

Since the completion of the final report, the TPB has continued to forecast carbon dioxide emissions for the CLRP. 

Key Documents and Presentations

January 2011

A paper describing the development and analysis of the WWIT Scenario Study was presented at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, D.C.  The paper was later published in the Transportation Research Record.

May 2010

The final report on the WWIT Scenario Study was presented to the TPB.