Transportation Land-Use Connections Program

Local governments across the region recognize the importance of integrating land use and transportation planning at the community level. Some jurisdictions are working to promote more development closer to mass transit. Others are looking at ways to bring jobs, housing and shopping in closer proximity to reduce the need to drive everywhere. Still other places want to revitalize existing communities to make them more walkable and accessible for people without cars.

The Transportation Planning Board's TLC program has been designed to provide support to local jurisdictions as they work through these challenges, and to share success stories and proven tools with local governments and agencies across the region. Since 2007, TLC Technical Assistance has provided focused consultant assistance to local jurisdictions working on creative, forward-thinking, and sustainable plans and projects. Technical assistance may include a range of services, such as:

  • Public involvement facilitation
  • Development and utilization of visualization techniques
  • Streetscape and infill design assistance
  • Assistance with scoping longer term planning studies
  • Help with other challenges related to strengthening transportation and land use coordination

Visit the TLC website to learn more. 

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Results: 33 found.