Transit Safety

The final Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan rule was published on January 18, 2017, which specified the transit safety performance measures.  However, the final Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan rule, which would specify the target-setting process and timeline, is still pending.

The Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan rule has the following goals:

  • Guide the national effort in managing the safety risks of public transportation systems.
  • Institute agency practice of the Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Establishes the safety performance criteria of fatalities, injuries, safety events, and system reliability for all modes of public transportation.

The Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan, once final, will require the following of providers of public transportation:  

  • Adopt the SMS process for safety.
  • Set safety performance targets and coordinate targets with MPOs to aid in the planning process
  • Develop a safety plan for approval by the Board of Directors (or equivalent) and perform an annual review and update of the plan. Note that States may draft plans for small and 5310 providers.

Once the transit safety rules are final, TPB staff will work with partners through the TPB Regional Public Transportation Subcommittee and the Technical Committee to develop transit safety targets for the region.